Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Make Cute Handmade Animal Costumes

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Make Homemade Animal Costumes

by Susan Elliott

You can unleash your inner animal whether cosplaying or dressing up for a costume party. Simply don you own homemade animal costume and let the party begin! Animal costumes are often some of the cutest costumes around. Small children and adults alike look adorable dressed like their favorite animals. One of my daughters often wears different kinds of animal hats to show-off her animal wild side.

Most of the costume tutorials below utilize pre-made pieces like sweat suits. There is a little bit of sewing involved and craft skills, but really these costumes are easy to make, and oh-so cute!

I hope you enjoy making them, and feel free to share your pictures with me in the comment section! Click on the links below for the tutorials.

How to Make an Owl Costume by Susan Elliott

"Soar to new heights at your next costume party with a custom-made owl costume. You can transform yourself into an owl with beautiful plumage with little effort – and a lot of imagination. This easy owl costume can be made from start to finish in just a few hours."

"Become the embodiment of nature's beauty by wearing an easy-to-make dragonfly costume. A dragonfly's wings and body are simple to create but are exquisitely stunning when worn with a shift dress or tunic and tights. The wings can be made in a single afternoon. This simple pattern can be easily adapted to suit any costume size, adult or child. You can unleash your inner artist and customize this costume with your own personal touch by using your favorite color scheme."

How to Make a Deer Costume by Susan Elliott

"Get back to nature for your next dress-up party with your own deer costume -- but be careful to stay out of the woods. This deer costume is simple to make and requires very basic sewing skills. Easy to construct in one afternoon, this look is completed with either simple brown socks or -- for some woodlands humor -- hunting boots and an orange hunting jacket."

How to Make a Llama Costume by Susan Elliott
"You will buzz up barnyard chatter when you wear your handmade llama costume created from yarn and papier-mache. You can construct a llama costume worthy of a children's theater production or costume contest. Wear the llama costume with black socks or hiking boots, and add a serape or sombrero for an "Emperor's New Groove"-inspired llama."

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