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Full On Full Bunk Beds: Full Size Bunk Beds

Full Size Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest

Have you seen full on full size bunk beds?

When I was a teenager, my sister (13 months younger than me) and I were given the opportunity to have bunk beds instead of twin beds. While our bunks were not full on full size bunk beds, and our room was not tiny, the difference in space made us jump at the option.

With the extra room afforded by the twin over twin bunks, we were able to fit in a makeshift desk (i.e. an old table and chairs), and have some bookcases for our collection of books. Though it is a little harder to make up beds when they are bunks, it is easier if you have a comforter style spread instead of one that must be tucked in.

We shared a room our entire pre-marriage lives. There were the usual squabbles, but at least one was prevented by having bunks. There was no more, "This is MY half of the room," type situations. With one of us sleeping up in the air, so to speak, it was impossible to divide the room that way. However, we did have to take turns with the top bunk to prevent arguments about which bunk who slept in.

Sometimes you will have one that always wants the bottom, but not for us. We both wanted the top. I remember those years fondly, and occasionally we talk about that old bunk bed. It was second hand when we got it, having been passed around the family for a few years.

Full on Full Bunk Bed with Drawers and Stairs

I love this design of the bunk bed pictured above with the panel drawers beneath the bottom bunk, and stairs with more drawers beneath each step. It saves even more room by removing the necessity for a separate chest of drawers. The amber wash color will go with almost any d├ęcor.

Most bunk beds do not come
with mattresses.
Check to see if you need
to order mattresses separately.

My Son's Bunk Bed

When my son was young, he had a bunk bed set that my mom purchased for him. He kept toys and stuffed animals on the bottom bunk and slept on the top bunk. During the day, he used the bottom bunk as a makeshift couch with pillows and stuffed animals propped against the wall to provide back support. Now he has children of his own.
Not long ago, he got a set of bunks for his daughters, who share a room. Unfortunately, the bunks were too large and did not fit the shape of their room. The beds made it hard to get into the bedroom door, so they didn't keep it for long. Before purchasing a full over full bunkbed or any bedroom furniture, be sure to get the measurements of the furniture and make sure it will fit.
Full on Full Bunk Beds
with trundles can sleep 5 teenagers,
which makes them ideal for sleepovers.

Full Over Full Stairway Bunk Bed with Trundle

Full Over Full Stairway Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

This bunk is a good idea when storage is really tight. The steps at the end of the full over full bunk bed provide a safe way to get into the top bunk, while also providing four drawers for personal items. The end of the bed, beneath the stairs has two small shelves where favorite books or keepsake knick knacks can be stored or displayed. The twin trundle bed makes having sleep-overs easy, comfortable, and fun! My sister and I would have been ecstatic to have this bunk bed when we were teens. 

Full Over Full Bunk Bed
with Raised Panel Bed Drawers
Saving floor space and having room for guests are both
great reasons for purchasing a full on full bunk bed.

Bunk Beds will Require Assembly

  • Read instructions
  • Gather needed tools
  • Call a friend to help (don't get hurt!)
  • Set aside enough time
  • Get Started!

Would full on full bunk beds work for your teens?

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