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Educational Benefits of Toy Blocks

wood blocks
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Toy Blocks are Educational

Wooden toy blocks provide educational benefits in several areas, including, physical, social, intellectual, and creative.

Playing with blocks, children learn about different shapes, improve their eye-hand coordination, and learn about gravity, balance, physics, spacial relationships, and help them learn how parts become a whole.

When playing with blocks with other children, they learn how to cooperate. Interaction and imagination build creativity.

Parents who play blocks with their children can help them learn new words
as they learn about shapes, sizes, positions, and if the blocks are painted, colors.

Grouping, adding, and subtracting blocks from architectural endeavors help children begin to comprehend the basics of math, including geometry.

Basic construction techniques can also be learned.

Wooden toy blocks provide creative stimulation for children.

All they need to add is a bit of time and imagination to enjoy play time!

Did You Know?
The earliest mention of building
bricks for children appears in
Maria and R.L. Edgeworth's
Practical Education in 1798.

Kids' Building Blocks: Hours of Educational Fun

Did You Know?
The first large-scale production of
wooden toy blocks was in Brooklyn in 1820!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Blocks

kids playing with wooden blocks
Melissa & Doug
60-Piece Blocks

With such a large variety of shapes, this set is a great starter set.

Children can build houses, castles, towers, bridges and more with this assortment.

The 60 piece set stores neatly in a wooden crate, perfect for a shelf in your child's room.

Or it can be turned upsidedown and used as the foundation for a fantastically creative architectural design.

These blocks are sanded smooth to prevent splinters, and will provide hours and hours of educational fun.

Did You Know?
Playing with blocks, children learn the basics of math:
sorting, grouping, shapes!

Do you think playing with blocks is good for kids?

I grew up playing with blocks. My son played with blocks and graduated to Legos. I would like to know if you think playing with blocks is good for kids. Please take a minute to comment below, and let me know your opinion.

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