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Don Williams: The Gentle Giant

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Don Williams “The Gentle Giant”

A Guest Post by Charles Pogue

A fellow Texan, and my favorite all time singer is Don Williams. Don was born in tiny Floydada, Texas on May 27, 1939, and grew up in Portland, Texas where he attended school at the football renowned, Gregory Portland High.

One thing Don and I have in common is that we both once drove a bread truck. Don, of course, went on to fame, and I’m still around, too.

I write songs, and I think some of them, if they were of commercial quality, would fit Don’s style. That’s how much I enjoy his music. There is no voice, to my way of thinking, like the smooth rich baritone we hear from Don.

Don was named male vocalist of the year by the CMA in 1978, and was inducted into the country music hall of fame in 2010.

 We Should Be Together



I first became a big Don Williams (Don is known as “The Gentle Giant”) fan when his single, We Should Be Together was released way back in 1973. After that, I started buying Don Williams' albums as they came out. I even sang along with him on his songs and recorded them on tape. Now is that a fan, or what?


You're My Best Friend



Although I still like the single that hooked me on his music, You're My Best Friend is my favorite Don Williams song. I guess that’s because my life identifies completely with the lyrics. My wife of nearly 40 years is my best friend, and if you know anything about Don, you know that he sings that song so goose-pimply, because he means it. My Heart To You runs a real close second.

Some of my other favorite Don Williams songs are:

But these songs are just a tiny drop in the bucket of the wonderful songs “The Gentle Giant” has recorded in his fabulous career. Someone once remarked to me that Don is a mixture of Jim Reeves and Cal Smith. I guess that may be a pretty good description. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these songs, by one of the greatest pure singing talents that has ever been born.



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