Friday, September 18, 2015

Relieve Stress with Cool Office Desktop Toys and Tech Gadgets

Fascinations Levitron
Globe World Stage

Office Desktop Toys and Gadgets Relieve Stress

Did you know that cool office desktop toys and gadgets make great gifts for programmers, executives and other office workers? Not only are they cool, they help relieve stress!

Working as a computer programmer, top executive, or data entry clerk is highly stressful.

Cool toys such as the Fascinations Levitron Globe World Stage can have an impact on reducing that stress.

Costing employers an estimated $200 billion or more annually, work place stress is a concern to employers as well as information workers.

During the time I spent working as a data entry clerk (before college) and a computer programmer (after college), I learned that any job that requires detailed and exacting accuracy can be stressful. As a data entry clerk, I was expected to keep my desk clear of all non-work items, and keep to the task.

As a programmer, I was surprised to see desktop toys and fun gadgets everywhere on almost every desk. Though out the day, I would hear yo-yo's whizzing up and down the string or Slinkys shifting from one hand to another. Not only did these toys help with stress, they helped with thinking, too.

When trying to program something that did not want to work, after diagramming the code on the white board, we often tossed a small ball from cubicle to another, or played some other similar game. Did the boss know? Yep. Sometimes he was tossing the ball with us.

As more and more employers begin to recognize the cost of employee stress to their bottom lines, more and more are building break rooms with ping pong tables or adding gym rooms with weight equipment, stationary bikes, and treadmills.

Allowing employees to engage in stress relieving activities goes a long way to ensuring employee health and satisfaction with the company. Fun office desktop toys can be good stress relief products.

Facinations Levitron World Globe Stage


Did You Know?

Office desktop toys make it easier to cope with high stress jobs!


More Fun Desktop Toys to Help Reduce Stress

Do you have a favorite stress busting toy or technique?

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