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Wooden Toddlers Beds Prevent Naptime Mayhem

Wooden Toddlers Beds

Toddler bed size furniture is for kids too big for the crib, but not yet big enough for a twin bed.

Do your toddlers have quality toddler beds in your toddler bedroom? Not all toddler beds are quality. Saving money is great, but sometimes saving money should be secondary.
When my daughter's children were young, the youngest two still toddlers, she asked me to babysit while she and hubby went on a long-awaited date without the kiddos. As I totally enjoyed being around my grandbabies, I agreed. Instead of going at night, though, she and her husband took off for a full day away.

Everything was great all morning, until it came to nap time. I put the girls into the two tubular metal frame toddler size beds their mom had purchased at a discount store, and sent the older boy to his room to read or play quietly. With some soft music playing to help the girls get to sleep, I left the room to go work on lunch.

A few minutes later, I heard a horrific crash. I just knew one of the kids was hurt, and nearly hurt myself getting down the hall to the kids' room. The girls had been jumping from one bed to the other, and one of the light weight tubular metal beds had flipped over, landing on the girl it threw off. She was laughing until she saw me, then decided to cry and say she was hurt. Since I knew better, I helped her up, righted the furniture and put them back to bed with a stern warning that they had better to get to sleep.

"Oh, Gramma,
I'm so disappointed in you!"

About ten minutes later, I heard the crash again. This time, the girls were hiding behind the bed still standing when I came in the room. I righted the furniture, again, put them back into bed and told them that if I had to come back, they would be in trouble for not minding me.

As I left the room, the oldest, just three years old, sighed heavily and said, "Oh, Gramma, I'm so disappointed in you."

I managed to give her a stern look and shake my finger at her, but it was all I could do to get to the other end of the house before laughing out loud. The moral of this story? If you want to buy toddler's beds for your kids, the best toddler beds are sturdy and heavy enough that the kids can't pick it up and throw it around the room, or turn it over if they bounce on it.
Lightweight, inexpensive toddler beds
are not sturdy enough to be safe.

What a fun way to arrange toddler beds for more than one toddler!



 Good Bye Crib. Hello Toddler Bed! Toddler Bed Transition

Toddler beds are transitional beds. While there is an open area that makes it easy for the toddler to climb into bed by without help from mom or dad, there is also a rail at the side of the bed to prevent accidental falls during the night. The rails help toddlers feel safer while sleeping, but they love being able to get into and out of bed without help. If you need help getting your toddler to sleep, maybe having a good, solid, wood bed will help.

With a removable guard rail, the bed will grow with your child. The storage drawer underneath the toddler bed shown here provides lots of extra storage. And you get free shipping when you buy from Toddlers love the ease of getting into a toddler's bed, while parent's love the safety rail that keeps them from rolling off the bed in the night.

How to Transition from a Crib to a Toddler Bed

Do you have toddler beds for your toddlers?
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