Monday, August 24, 2015

Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Teens


Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Teenager

by Susan Elliott

Have you ever read the book 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents. There are several different versions of this book, but these books are always about annoying your parents or teachers.

This turned the wheels in my brain, and I decided that there should be a parental guidebook about the top 10 ways to prank and annoy your teenager.

Ten Great Ways to Prank Your Teens

  • Hang out with his girlfriend; text her, Facebook her, follow her on Twitter.
  • Kiss your child good-bye in front of the school, and then roll down the window and yell, "Make good choices, baby!"
  • Comment on his Facebook posts, especially the ones that his friends post to him. Brag about how he is better than everyone else, and don't forget to mention that he is the smartest, most handsome child there ever was.
  • When her friend stops to talk to her in a crowded room, stand there and listen in.
  • Teach him really cool slang phrases from years past that don't really exist, like Bunk-bead instead of bunk for something that is just no good, or fuzzy peaches for something that is really cool. (Believe me this works.)
  • Tell your child that she should wear more deodorant, and then ask her teacher to explain the necessity of wearing deodorant to the class.
  • Wear the exact some graphic tee as your son to a school function.
  • When she is out on a date call and check on her every five minutes.
  • Before a date explain to his date why abstinence is the only option.
  • When her date is over and she returns home, make-out with your spouse on the front porch, to ruin their good-bye kiss.

Can you think of more? Feel free to add to my list in the comment section.

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