Monday, August 24, 2015

Portable Mini Cribs: The Perfect Baby Gift

Mini Cribs Are Portable!

Have you ever seen portable mini cribs?

When my son was born prematurely, he had to have constant care. Needless to say, if you know about sick babies, as his mother, I stayed exhausted.

My parents had us all (mom, dad, 3 year old sister, and new baby) move in with them for a few weeks until life settled down. The room we stayed in was not big enough for a large crib, but I needed him in the same room to monitor him through the night.

My aunt came up with the solution. As a baby gift, she purchased us a small mini crib. It was perfect. It fit next to the bed, and I could reach through the bars to check on him without getting up unless it was necessary to change or feed him.

A portable mini crib is wonderful for the mom
who can't stay in one room all day!

I loved it when we went home, too. It was portable enough that I could move it from room to room with me as I went about my daily tasks. It was low enough to the floor that his sister was able to play with him by making noises and faces for him to laugh at.

It's portable enough to fold and take with us when travelling with an infant, too, eliminating the worry of where the baby will sleep.

Inexpensive baby furniture such as these portable mini cribs are the answer to many baby care problems.

Mini Cribs are Great for Grandparents, Too!

Grandparents often need or want to have a portable mini crib at their home for new grandbabies to use when visiting, since it is small enough to fit in a corner out of the way during times when the baby is not present. These can even be moved to a patio or deck.

Did you, or do you, use a mini crib for your baby?

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