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Mountain Rescue by Indie Author Charles Pogue

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue

A Book by Charles Pogue

When University of Arkansas student Amanda Cooper hikes off-trail into the San Juan Mountains and gets lost, Brian Parsons, known for his survival skills and ability to find and rescue lost individuals in rough, wild country, rushes from Arkansas to Colorado to find his long-time friend.

Trapped by a late winter storm, and roughing the dangers of the San Juan Mountains, their lives depend on each other. In the midst of escaping mountain lions, bears, rattle snakes, and sub-zero weather, Brian and Amanda shelter in a cave.

When an earthquake causes a cave-in, entombing them in the cave, they find clues to the Lost French Gold. 

Will Brian be able to rescue Amanda and bring her back to her family? Will Amanda realize her true feelings for Brian? Will they succeed in bringing the gold back with them?

Reviews on Amazon:

  • I was drawn into this adventure by this young couples amazing resourcefulness and application of survival skills as they dealt with the many perils and challenges that confronted them as they prepared to head back to civilization. By working together to attain their goal, they developed a close relationship that led them to a very exciting discovery. ~ Denny
  • Very interesting story. I thought from the title that it would be an account of how a mountain rescue was carried out. This story was totally different and was very well written. I am getting his second book "The Christmas Flood" because the first one was written so well. ~ Teresa
  • Interesting story by a fledgling author. Enjoyed the ideas and the setting! Great book! ~ Amazon Customer

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