Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Clean Cowboy Hats

It never fails that something will get on a cowboy hat, even when you use a good hat rack to keep the hat off table tops and chairs. There are different methods to cleaning a cowboy hat, depending on whether you have a felt hat or a straw hat.

How To Clean Felt Hats

For a felt hat, use a brim brush for the brim and a crown brush to clean the crown.
For dark colored hats, use a brush with dark bristles, and light bristles for a light colored hat.

Hat care kitscome in light and dark, so that you can match the kit to the color of your hat.
Lightly brush in a counterclockwise motion towards the back of the hat to remove any surface dirt.
If there is lint on the hat after you finish brushing it, you can use masking tape or a lint roller to remove it. Run the tape or roller over the hat lightly. It will not require harsh movements to remove the lint.

Cowboy Hats 101: Felt, Fur, and Wool


Cleaning Straw Hats

When cleaning your straw cowboy hat, gently rub a clean damp cloth in a counterclockwise motion towards the back of the hat to remove surface dirt.
When the sweatband is wet from hairdressings and perspiration, turn the sweatband down.
This allows perspiration and hair oil to evaporate, and prevents them soaking into the hat, causing stains that might be difficult to get out.

Hat Care in Wet Weather?

Straw and wool hats can get wet without undue problems. However, when they do get wet, let them air dry while hanging on a hat rack.

They should never be dried with a hair dryer or over a heat source of any kind.

Felt hats should never be used in wet weather.

If you know you will be wearing a felt cowboy hat in the rain or in heavy fog, be sure to use a rain coverlike the one pictured below to protect it.

If it does get wet, turn the sweatband out and air dry the it upside down resting on its crown. If necessary, have the hat shaped after it dries.

The rain cover will also protect the hat from accumulating dust if you don't wear it for a while, or if you have to be out in a dust storm.

Do you have any hat cleaning suggestions?


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