Friday, December 11, 2015

Fancy Frilly Newborn Baby Girl Dresses

Uncle Les and Susan Dalene
(December 1976)

Fancy Newborn Baby Girl Dresses

Newborn baby girl dresses and clothes are so cute! When we first learned we were having a baby girl (years ago), my husband insisted that he be the one to give her her first dress. The dress he got her was a fancy, frilly pink dress with ruffles and an adorable white pinafore. The pinafore bib was embroidered with cute pink, yellow, and blue flowers (see photo below).

However, as Susan was our first baby, we knew little about sizes. When Susan was born, the beautiful pink dress my husband purchased for her would not fit. She was a preemie baby, and the dress was way too big.

My mom made her a some fancy baby clothes using the smallest baby dress patterns she could find, but eventually realized she needed to use an 18" baby doll dress pattern for the dress to come anywhere close to fitting.

The purple dress she is wearing in the photo above is one of those made using the doll dress pattern. My mom made Suzy lots of beautiful dresses. She always looked so cute in her Grannie's homemade dresses.

Susan in dress her dad bought her.
As you can see, it took a while for it to fit!
Over the years, I made Susan dresses, too.  I used fabric and patterns to make many of her fancy dresses, but the memory of that trip to choose our baby girl's first dress is one that we both cherish.

Another special memory is when our daughter had a daughter of her own, the dress was passed down to our first granddaughter. I have pictures of my daughter wearing that dress, and pictures of her daughter wearing the same dress!

Baby dresses can, and often do, become treasured family heirlooms. When selecting a dress, keep in mind that more than one generation may wear it. Check it for sturdy seams, and quality construction.

As the first granddaughter my mom had, the first great-granddaughter my maternal grandmother had, and the first niece my sister had, my baby girl was never without beautiful clothes. Between them, they kept her closet full of gorgeous outfits.

The hardest part was deciding which dress for her to wear and which dresses to take when I went somewhere.

Fancy Frilly Newborn Baby Girl Dresses


  1. All those dresses are so cute. I do have one of my baby dresses that my mum made for me. She was an excellent smocker, so everything was pretty.
    Thanks for bringing this post to the Blogger's Pit Stop

    1. Hi Kathleen, thank you for commenting. Smocking is something that really makes a dress lovely. I enjoyed the Blogger's Pit Stop party. Thank you for hosting it.