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The Kitchenaid Artisan Makes Cooking a Joy!

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer
Photo: BenFrantzDale

The Most Versatile Small Kitchen Appliance

To find the most versatile small kitchen appliance, you don't have to look beyond the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer.

Regardless what your kitchen colors are, you will probably find the perfect color, since Artisan stand mixers come in more than twenty colors. My mixer looks like the one in the photo. I love it.

Some come with glass bowls, others with stainless steel bowls. With special attachments you purchase separately, you can use the stand mixers as a grinder, sausage maker, juider, ice cream maker, and much more!

In tough economic times like these, more and more families, including mine, are having to go back to home-cooked meals, instead of eating out.

For every job, whether it be on-the-job, or at home, having the right tool makes doing the work easier and faster.

Can you mix a cake or a batch of cookies by hand? Of course! But it is much more pleasurable to bake a cake or a batch of cookies if you have a tool like the Artisan mixer to do the heavy work for you. And it's faster, too!

Did You Know?
Artisan stand mixers come 
in a large variety of colors!

What Comes with the Artisan Mixer with Pouring Sheild?

Optional KitchenAid Pasta Kit
works on the Artisan Mixer, too!
Photo: Mack Male
When you purchase an Artisan Stand Mixer, you will find included in the box the whip, flat, and bread hook mixer beaters. The wire whip is used for whipping cream or meringue.

The flat beater is used for cake type batters, and the bread hook is for kneading bread after it is mixed using the flat beater.

It will also come with a splatter shield, which prevents batter from splattering your kitchen walls.

The 4, 5, or 6 quart (depending on which mixer you purchase) steel bowl can be placed in the freezer for a while to make it easier to whip up some whipped cream or cream cheese filling.

It can also double as a baking pan to make the skirt of a doll cake. My daughter did this for my granddaughter's birthday cake.

After baking the cake in the mixing bowl, she turned it out top down, and inserted a doll in the center. She used a star tip to add frosting clothes to the doll and to decorate the cake skirt.

The cake was a hit!

Making Cookies in Three Minutes with KitchenAid 

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Features

Optional KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment

Photo: Jennifer
KitchenAid's Artisan stand mixer is a substantial piece of equipment: 325 watts of mixing power make child's play of creaming butter, kneading dough, and whipping cream.

 The kid in you will appreciate how quick and easy it is to mix up a batch of cookie dough.

The Artisan Stand Mixer comes with three attachments: a flat beater for making batter, meat loaf, and all textures in-between; a wire whip for egg whites, mayonnaise, and more air-infused creations; and a hook for mixing and kneading yeast doughs. All three are solidly constructed and easily secured to the beater shaft with a simple twist.

Giving someone a stand mixer is
like giving them an extra pair of
hands! It makes everything they
mix up easier to make!

This model also includes a pouring shield for guiding ingredients to their proper destination, and the bowl itself locks tight to the base.

Standing about 15 inches high, jutting out a foot, and weighing more than a grown woman's bowling ball, this stand mixer isn't the sort of appliance you'll wipe down and put away. Better to find a square foot of free counter space for easy access; besides, this machine is as pretty as it is rugged.

Optional Attachments Extend the Capabilities of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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  1. In tough economic times like these, more and more families, including mine, are having to go back to home-cooked meals, instead of eating out.Lisa W. Degregorio