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Newborn Baby Boy Dress Clothes

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Dress Clothes for Newborn Baby Boys?

Taking a newborn baby boy to a wedding or other formal event can be fun. Dress clothes for newborn boys are not always easy to find, though.

When my son was a baby, we seldom had occasion to dress him up, so he usually wore footed sleepers or onesies, depending on the weather. Sunday church services were the most formal events he attended. We did not know anyone who had a wedding while he was tiny.

However, I would have loved to have pictures of him in a cute baby boy tuxedo! In fact, I can't think of a better reason to have this cute outfit than having a family portrait made! A sweet little bowtie and cummerbund would really set his outfit off.

For most formal occasions, baby clothes do not have to be so formal. Many people will opt for comfort for their baby rather than formality. But for those times when formal wear is required, a small suit or tuxedo is perfect. In fact, since diapers do occasionally leak, and babies do spit up, you might want to have two on hand, one to wear and one to change into in case of accident.

Family Portraits
I can't think of a better reason to have a formal outfit 
for your baby boy than having a family portrait made!

How to Dress Your Newborn / Baby Care Basics

Should Baby Boys Have Dry-Clean Only Clothes?

At first thought, the answer is no, but after thinking about it, I think it depends on the occasion. For weddings, it might be permissible to have dry-clean only clothes for babies. However, if I was attending an important event, and my baby's clothes were dry-clean only, I would insist on having at least one extra change of the same outfit--and maybe two. Why? Experience!

Seldom have I attended an event with a baby that there was not a clothing mishap. Either the baby spit up, or worse threw up, after being handled by too many people, or a diaper leak destroyed the outfit he was wearing.

Having a backup outfit or two makes any occasion more relaxed and stress-free.

Newborn Dress Clothes for Baby Boys 

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