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Little Girls Fancy Dresses and Socks for Holidays, Parties, or Weddings

Bonnie Jean Purple Plaid
Taffeta Cardigan Dress

Pretty, Fancy Dresses for Little Girls

Whether the dresses are for a pageant, a nice party, or for the flower girl in a wedding, most little girls would be delighted to wear them.

Fancy dresses, such as the beautiful purple plaid taffeta dress pictured here, let a little girl imagine herself as a princess.

When I was a child, I had a dress that was orange with white and brown embroidery, lace, and a puffy petticoat to make the full skirt stand out.

I remember wearing it to have tea parties with my dolls or cousins.
Unfortunately, I was never a wedding flower girl when I was very young, but I got to see how it felt to have such beautiful clothes.

My sister and I would set a tea table with cookies and Koolaid, and have a great time at our tea parties using the child's china tea set my Ungle Gene and Aunt Nancy gave us.

Years later, I enjoyed dressing my daughter up in beautiful dresses such as these.

With her fancy dress, matching tights, and white dress sandals, she looked like the princess I wanted to be when I was a little girl.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Fancy Dresses for Little Girls

For most people, price is an important factor when buying clothes for little girls.

Snowflake Christmas
Sparkle Dress
However, depending on who is buying, not everyone will know what to consider while shopping.

For instance, if my husband were to buy a little girl's dress for one of our granddaughters, I would need to go over this information with him.

Tips for Buying Dresses for Girls

  • First, be sure you know her favorite color. While any fancy dress will probably be appreciated, a dress in her favorite color will be especially exciting for her.
  • Second, know what the dress is made of. Some fabrics are machine washable, some are not. If the dress is to be worn every week, it will need to be made of sturdier fabric, and should likely be machine washable. If it is for a one time affair, such as a wedding, and will seldom, if ever, be worn again, the fabric can be a less easily cleaned, dry-clean only material.
  • Third, think of her age and maturity level. For very young girls, a beaded dress might not be a good idea, since beads can come off and be swallowed.
  • Fourth, and maybe most important, keep the occasion in mind. A dress that would work well for Sunday morning or a family party might not be fancy enough for a pageant dress.

If possible, take the child with you when shopping for the dress, since trying the dress on will prevent last minute disasters such as a dress that fits too tight or is uncomfortable. If ordering a dress online, be sure to check sizes and order early so you can be sure it fits before it is needed.

Other Little Girl Dresses

Sunday Dresses or Holiday Dresses are So Cute!

Linda Sue and sister Peggy Carlene
When I was a little girl, my mother made my sister and me a new dress every spring and every Christmas. She sewed other clothes for us, too, but the nice dresses were always Easter and Christmas dresses. For our spring dresses, she always bought us cute white little girl's dress shoes and little purses to accent our dresses.

Usually, Mom took us to the store with her to buy the fabric, and let us choose which material from which to make our dresses. However, on occasion, she would surprise us.

For a while, when I was about seven, we lived a long way off from any town, so our dress fabric was purchased through the Sears and Roebuck catalog or the Montgomery Ward's catalog. It wasn't as much fun to shop the catalog as it was to go to the fabric store, though, since it was hard to tell what the cloth would really look like once it was delivered.

This was a tradition I carried on with my little girl. Every year for Easter and Christmas, I made her a new dress. Other dresses were store-bought, but those two were lovingly made on my old Singer sewing machine. Each spring, after I sewed a new dress for her, I bought new dress shoes and frilly dress socks for her to wear with it.

Photo: Susan Pogue
One of her favorite dresses was had a pink peasant type top and a multi-pastel-color tiered  twirl skirt with self-fabric bows attached in multiple places on the skirt. Another year, I made her a green gingham sun-dress with white eyelet lace accents. She was adorable in them.

She loved open side shoes with a strap around the ankle such as Jumping Jacks Vienna Mary Jane shoes. In her new dress and shoes, and her hair in pig tails, she looked like a little doll.

My daughter especially loved ruffles and lace on her dresses, and dress shoes were a must!

Frilly and Fancy Dress Socks for Girls


girls dress socks
Greatlookz Girls Bobby Socks
Available in 15 Colors
Whether little girls are dressing up for Sunday morning, a pageant, a birthday party, or a wedding, frilly and fancy dress socks help finish the look.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to have frilly, dress-up socks with all my dresses. My daughter was the same. Her favorite socks were white with white ruffled lace.

These socks are not as easy to find as they once were. I tried to find some for my granddaughter a while back, and all the local stores only carried sports type socks or plain bobby socks.

Too many stores have opted out of the dressier socks, and given more shelf and wall space to sports type socks.

For this page, I have searched online to find the best girls dress socks. All these are white, with some splashes of color in lace or ribbon, and some are made with organza or satin ruffles.

Which ever your little girl prefers, I hope this page helps her to find just what she needs and wants for that perfect dress!

Can't Find Dress Socks to Match a Little Girl's Dress? 

Make Your Own!

Have you ever found the right dress and just could not find the right socks to go with it? There is an easy fix. Find a pair of plain white nylon socks, then purchase the trim that goes best with the dress. When you stitch the trim, lace, braid, or ruffles, onto the top of the sock, stretch the sock slightly while stitching and use a zigzag stitch so that the seam will stretch a bit to make it easier to put the socks on.

Make Your Own Ruffled Socks

Lots of Little Girl's Fancy Dresses for Parties, Weddings, Pageants and More

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