Friday, October 2, 2015

Lego Famous Architecture Sets

LEGO Architecture White House (21006)

The Lego Architecture Series

You can build the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the United Nations Headquarters, and many more famous buildings using Lego building blocks.

If you wish, after you create the buildings, you can reuse the blocks for other projects, but many people prefer to keep these as show pieces, much the same way model car aficionados do.

Building these kits while studying government, geography, or history is a great way to help learners conceptualize learning material.

Other architecture kit options include:
With a large range of kits available, you can make some incredible plastic sculptures, but you don't have to limit yourself to pre-designed kits. With imagination, some time, and a LOT of LEGOs, you can build almost anything!

Photo: gracey
With Legos, you can build almost anything!

Lego Architecture Kits are Educational

Homeschool families can use the Architecture kits and the Creator kits to support history and geography lessons. At the same time, they can be used for the art class, too. There are more than twenty architecture Lego sets, including Rockefeller Center, Sears Tower, John Hancock Center, Empire State Building, Seattle Space Needle, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum®, Fallingwater®, Sungnyemun, Trevi Fountain, Burj Khalifa Dubai, the White House, and many more. The discontinued Taj Mahal (very rare) is also available at times, but likely to be out of the homeschool school budget.

Building Lego kits of architectural
sites is more educational than
coloring pages or drawing
architectural sites.

Lego kits are a great addition to junior high school, high school, and home school art classes, government classes, and history classes. Building these famous buildings using Legos, students and adults alike will have fun. And it is more educational than coloring pages or drawing architectural sites

Let's Build the White House


Maybe You can be a Lego Artist!

Artists like Sean Kenney, Nathan Saway, DecoJim, Adam Reed Tucker, and Holger Matthes create detailed and fantastic models of architecture and other art from the ground up using LEGOs. It really is true that only the limits of one's imagination restrict what can be done with these wonderful blocks.

There are so many projects you can build with Legos. Check out this video showing 72 different Lego creations:

Legos are fun for the entire family. They help small children learn fine motor skills, and help older children to learn architecture, design, planning, and more. They support history, geography, art, and architecture classes for homeschool students.

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