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Childrens Furniture: My Grandson's Little Table

KidKraft Table and 4 Chair Set

My Grandson's Little Table


When my oldest grandson was three, he was just learning to use crayons. Invariably, he got off the paper and marked the table top.

His father, concerned that I would be upset over the crayon marks on my dining table, took the crayons away and would not let him have them. I felt bad for my grandson, but really didn't want my table marked up, either.

We tried putting butcher paper beneath his coloring sheets, but it always got askew, and again, marks were on the table.

Rather than refuse to allow him to have the crayons, I got him a small table set for his personal use at my house.

I told him that I didn't care if he marked all over the table with his crayons, since it was his table. I also told his parents that the table was his to mark up as he desired. Funny thing, though. He never got off the paper!

He was so proud to have a table of his own, he was very meticulous in keeping "his" table spotless! Since his table only had one chair, when his baby sister was old enough to sit in a chair, I got another chair for her. He was very careful to explain to her that she had to stay on the paper. She was not allowed to color on his table.

My grandson is a teenager now. I asked him a while back if he remembered that table. He didn't remember that he was allowed to draw or write on it, but he did remember that I got him a table to use. He enjoyed the table so much when he was little.

Child-sized table and chair sets
provide comfort and a place
to play with clay or blocks!

Furniture That Fits is More Comfortable 

Children are not comfortable
in adult size furniture.

Photo: Althea Atherton Cook (1917) [Public Domain]
Did you ever sit in an office chair that was too high for you? First, it is hard to get into it easily. Second, after a little time, it starts to be a little tiring, since you can't sit with your feet comfortably resting on the floor.

Sitting in adult-sized chairs can be tiring and uncomfortable for children, too, since they can't reach the floor and the seat depth has them leaning back instead of sitting up. See how uncomfortable it would be? Furniture designed to fit their smaller size is more comfortable. It makes play and homework time easier and less tiring.

Furniture for a child's room can be educational, whimsical and colorful, or practical and simple, but whichever fits best into the decor of your child's room, tables and chairs sets are perfect places to play, color, draw, or to do homework.

For holidays, children's tables can be set up to provide extra seating needed for children when the family comes together to celebrate.

Child-sized table and chair sets come in a wood or plastic. The molded plastic sets are sturdy and can be used indoors or out, while the wooden sets should stay indoors, unless specifically designed and treated for outdoor use.

Folding sets can easily be put away until needed and travel well for going to grandmother's house.

Whatever your child's room decor is, there is a table and chair set that will be a perfect fit for him or her.

Some tables come with chairs, while others come with stools or benches. Some fold for easy storage, such as child-sized card tables, while others are bulky plastic and do not fold. Some stack, some don't. Whatever style you and your child prefer, the table set will provide hours of playtime.

A child-sized table in your child's
room means dinner doesn't have to be 
delayed while LEGOs or other projects
are cleared away to make the table
ready for serving food.

What Furniture Should Your Child Have? 

Children's Folding Table Set

This is a good question. There are lots of answers, too. Frankly, it depends. While it is great to have only furniture that fits your child in his or her room, there are times when it is not financially feasible. After all, your child will grow and the furniture that fits your little sweetheart at 3 or 4 years of age will not be appropriate when puberty shows up.

If this is not an issue, you should have furniture that fits your child's current age. As mentioned before, furniture that is too big is uncomfortable. It can also encourage bad posture habits.

If it is an issue, get regular size furniture, but provide at least a child-sized table and chairs set for play time and homework time.

The ideal child-sized bedroom would include a table and chair set, a bed of the appropriate size for your child, a set of shelves and toy box for toys and books, and a rocker or easy chair that fits, too.

Again, the most important of all is the child's table and chair set, since this is where your child will spend a lot of time in educational and recreational activities.

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