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Tea Sets for Women

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Tea Sets for Women Make Great Gifts for Any Occasion!

While I was growing up, iced tea was the only tea I had ever had the privilege of drinking, but I always admired the tea sets for women I saw in catalogs.

Shortly after I married, my husband and I ate at a Chinese restaurant that had hot tea, but not iced tea. I tried it, and I loved it.

Since then, I have enjoyed hot tea of many varieties, though I must admit my favorite is still black tea.

ufengke® European
Titanium Tea Set
For me, the tea does not need sugar or milk, though I have friends and family that prefer their hot tea with both. Once in a while, though, I do enjoy a bit of honey in my tea.

The first birthday gift my husband ever bought me was a beautiful teapot. I treasured it for more than 30 years through multiple moves, but a move several years ago was the last one.

It broke during transport from one state to another. For a while, I was devastated, but then realized that I still have the memories, and I can always get a new teapot.

I treasured the teapot my husband
bought for me, and was devastated
when it was broken during a move.
Blue White
Magnolia Tea Set
Since that time, I have used a cheap drip coffee maker to make my hot tea. I never put anything but water through the pot.

The teabags go into the pot itself, since the plastic on the pot coffee basket can absorb strong flavors and will affect the flavor of more delicate teas. I would much rather use a tea set, than a drip coffee maker to prepare my tea, but I need one I could use every day.

A Tea Set
makes an excellent gift!

Two years ago, on a trip to Florida, my husband bought me a teaset with a teapot, two cups, and two saucers. They are extremely delicate china. To prevent breakage, I don't use them. Instead, they have an honored place among my favorite collectibles.

In my opinion, tea sets for women are great gifts for any occasion!

Hot Tea
I enjoy a variety of hot teas,
but my favorite is still black tea.


Black Tea: Brewing Black Tea

How to Make a Good English Cuppa

A dear friend from England introduced my husband and me to his family's favorite cuppa. He claimed that Tetley is the best tea for tea making. Since he cannot always find it when he travels, he always carries some in his suitcase.

I have to admit the Tetley teawas really good.

It was the first time I had hot tea English style, with milk. My friend used an electric water kettle to brew his tea. He taught me to always put the milk in the cup, then add hot tea. When the milk is added to hot tea, rather than tea added to milk, the milk may curdle in the tea, which is why you sometimes will see tiny clumps of cream in the tea.

I had not had hot tea with milk previous to this experience, but I found it to be extremely enjoyable.

Do you drink hot tea?

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