Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Halloween Yard Decor

Photo: Petr Kratochvil

Halloween Yard D├ęcor

by Susan Elliott

I love decorating my house for holidays. I get so excited when the fall gets here because I know I can decorate for Halloween. I simply love Halloween decorations.

Decorating my yard always starts with my house windows (Learn How to Paint Spooktacular Windows), because my house is the backdrop image for my yard. 

To create a cohesive Halloween display consider your yard a canvas. Plan everything and sketch out where you want your yard decorations before you ever start hauling them around your property. This will save a lot of back ache if you have large displays.

Using Tombstones

Tombstones are a great accent for your yard. I like to put them in the flower garden, or along the front of my walkway shrubs.

You can also use them to create a cemetery section of your yard. Remember to sketch out your design before you install them. 

You can add cool accessories to your cemetery set, too! 

Skeletons, witches, zombies and body parts always make great additions to a cemetery or tombstone scene.

Don't forget to add a few cobwebs, too!

Halloween Blow-Ups

I love Halloween blow-ups in my yard, and the more unusual the better!

My favorite halloween decorative blow-up I gave to my mother-in-law before we moved away from South Texas. It was a skeleton riding a motorcycle. We always placed him diagonally in the yard near the edge of the lawn. He looked like he could ride right into the street.

Another of my favorite Halloween blow-ups is the   Grim Reaper Driving a Pumpkin Carriage.

Remember to set up the display in a way that adds dimension to your yard display.

Halloween Hanging Decorations

Hanging Halloween decorations are also a great addition to any yard display.

They don't have to be costly, and you can even make your own. 

For example, if you hang a few pieces of thread from your trees, you will scare the pants right off anyone who accidentally walks under them, because they feel like spiderwebs!

I am truly getting antsy with anticipation to get my yard display up!

I hope yours is the talk of the town this year.

Happy Halloween!

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