Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cookbooks and Bread Recipes for the Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer Recipes

While any recipe can be adapted to stand mixers, there are some recipes specifically developed for use with them. KitchenAid, for instance, has several cookbooks. Some of the best are out of publication, but on Amazon, you can often find them used.

I have several favorites, including KitchenAid Best-Loved Recipes, the Ultimate Mixer Cookbook, and KitchenAid 3 Cookbooks in 1, that are no longer in print, but the have some really good recipes in them.
What I really like about stand mixer cookbooks is that they tell what specific speed to use in mixing, which mixer blade to use (i.e. wire, bread hook, or flat blade), and how long to mix at that speed. KitchenAid mixers use a different mixing movement than most mixers, so it usually doesn't take as long to mix a recipe as a regular mixer.
The bread hook blade, obviously, is used for mixing and kneading bread. The first time I used the bread hook blade to mix my favorite yeast bread recipe, I was thrilled. I had gotten away from baking bread often, since my hands are painful enough that I can't always knead the dough. The mixer does it for me, now. Below, I am including a list of links to some of the best bread recipes I have found online.

Bread Recipes for Stand Mixer Bread

Do you enjoy making bread in your stand mixer?

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