Friday, August 7, 2015

Jansport Messenger Bags for College

Jansport Messenger Bags Last and Last

 When I started college in 1998, I was not allowed to move my car from one side of the campus to another when changing classes. To be able to carry everything I needed for my classes, I purchased a JanSport Messenger Bag.
I have problems with my shoulders, so having to sling a backpack onto my back was painful. The messenger bag solved my problem, since it had a handle on top that I could use to carry it. I loved the bag.
All my books and supplies fit into it without trouble, which included a small stapler and single page hole-punch, as well as the obligatory textbooks, spirals, pens, pencils, and calculator.
The bag was made out of heavy canvas. When I finished my undergraduate degree in 2003, my daughter needed a college bag. I gave the bag to her, and she used it for a few years, then gave it back when she no longer needed it.

Now, my husband uses it for a laptop bag when we travel. The zippers all still work, the mesh is not torn, and with a quick wipe with a wet cloth, the bag looks as good as it did when I was still in college.

Carrying a backpack with all
the books and class supplies
you need can cause back,
neck, and shoulder pain!

JanSport Warranty

JanSport Messenger Bags have a product lifetime warranty, as long as the bag is used for the purpose for which it was intended. Damages caused by typical wear and tear over time, unreasonable use, accidents or neglect are not covered by the warranty, though.

See the Jansport Warranty Information site for more information.

Did You Know?
Messenger bags work great
as laptop bags, too!

Do You Prefer a Backpack or a Messenger Bag?

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