Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fun USB Hubs for College

Fun USB Hubs!

Need a gift for your favorite college student or road warrior? Consider a novelty USB hub.  A fun USB hub like the octopus USB hub provides a functional service, but at the same time adds a little geeky whimsey to the work area. And geeky gifts are just fun!

There are many reasons you might need an extra USB port or two. 

USB hubs with up to 4 ports draw their power from the computer. Hubs with 6 or more ports have a power cord to prevent too much power drainage from the computer. The USB hub pictured here has 7 ports.
Hard drives, flash drives, webcams, and cameras should be connected directly to the computer without using a hub. Mice, keyboards, modems, printers, and graphics tables can be connected through "chained" hubs.
If a device draws its power from the USB port, it should be connected to a powered hub or connected directly to  a USB port on the computer.
A fun USB hub on your work desk can make the day a little brighter, and makes a great conversation starter, too!
Did You Know? 
Fun novelty USB hubs are
great birthday gifts!

How Many USB Devices can be Plugged into a Computer?

Devices such as printers that plug into a wall outlets have their own power supply and will work well on an unpowered hub.

If you want to, you can attach up to 127 USB devices to a computer, but each hub will also count as one of the 127 devices.

The octopus USB hub at left comes in white, orange, and purple. I purchased it in purple for use in my home office. I use it to plug my keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive, and headset to my laptop.

My laptop only has two USB drives, so this helps extend my ability to use extra devices.

I bought it for two reasons. First, I liked the looks of it. Second, hubs with the ports too close are sometimes hard to use.  Having the individual ports as legs makes it easier to insert USB drives into the ports.

Even though I would not argue that this is the best USB hub available,  I've been using this since November 2012. It works great, but occasionally I have to push the legs back up into the head. After all, it isn't a very expensive piece of equipment.

Have a little fun!
USB hubs don't have to be boring
or hidden behind the monitor!

USB Hubs: Perfect for Students and On-the-go Professionals

USB hubs are a fun addition to college gear for dorm life or when you must be on the road with your work. The Snoopy USB Hub would be equally at home on your personal desk in the dorm, in the home office, or on the hotel desk used by a road warrior traveling from city to city for work.

Laptops seldom have enough USB ports to add all the extras you might want to use at college or on trips, such as headsets used to talk with family or co-workers over Skype, separate keyboards, game controllers for the down times, or a computer mouse. USB hubs give you many more options.

Dr. Who fans will enjoy showing their interest in the show by displaying the Doctor Who Tardis USB hub on their desks.

Not only is this a great conversation piece, it makes the office or cubical just a bit more fun!

The USB hub lights up and makes sounds. For use in the office, the sound can be turned off with a switch on the back of the hub.

Novelty USB Hubs Make
Cool Geek Gifts!

Do you use a USB hub on your computer?

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