Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Decorate Dorm Rooms with Small Unique Art Deco Table Fans

Have you heard that small art deco table fans are great for decorating dorm rooms?

One major complaint I have heard about dorm rooms is that they are either too warm or too cold.

Small fans help take care of that issue by providing steady air circulation.

In the warm months, this will lower the room temperature by as much as 5 degrees, while in the winter, it will help keep the warm air from staying up at the ceiling where it does little good.

Fans help keep your
dorm room comfortable,
regardless of the temp!

Using small, unique art deco table top fans to decorate dorm rooms shows your personality! If you want to have a fun, personalized, comfortable dorm experience, it is important to decorate your dorm room with a selection of items that reflect who you are.

Art deco table top fans come in a large variety of shapes, including cats, dogs, elephants, lizards, lions, fish, peacocks, and more. There is even a woody car for the surfer dude!

The wire cages built around these fans make them safe, even within hands-reach of the bed. You can't get your fingers into the fan blades if you roll over in your sleep.

Decorative fans are so much fun. Since there isn't much space in a dorm room, small fans are the perfect. They fit nicely on a bedside table or on a desk.

Read the Dorm Rules!
You don't want to spend limited college money
on something you won't be allowed to use!

Maybe you would like to add a touch of whimsy to your dorm room?

There is a fan for that, too.

There are polar bear fans, zebra fans, deer fans, frog fans, flower fans, and many, many more!

Check out this fun whimsical gecko fan!

This little fellow will keep the air moving while watching to make sure you get all that homework done. :)

Which fan would you like to have in your dorm room?