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Crib Wonder Bumpers for SIDS Babies

Photo: Julie Gentry

Baby Sleep Safety with Breathable Crib Bumpers

Wonder Bumpers allow increased air flow into the crib, which is essential for SIDS babies.

Parents are concerned about every aspect of their baby's environment, especially SIDs babies.

One of the recommendations to help prevent SIDS is to not use a bumper pad in the crib.

Soft bumper pads increase the risk your baby will smother against them, while hard bumper pads give your little climber a foot up when trying to climb out of the crib when they can pull up.

Bumper pads also decrease the air flow that gets to your child, which is also a concern.

Go Mama Go Designs has come up with a solution with the Wonder Bumpers baby product. Baby sleep safety is enhanced because each bumper is wrapped around individual bars, your child's head is safe from painful and bruising bumps, while air flow is preserved. And they come in an assortment of different patterns and colors so you can select the set that best matches your baby nursery.

The breathable bumper safety bar covers are made of cushiony foam, with a washable microfiber covering, these zip-on bumpers are just what you need to keep your baby safe.

And unlike regular bumpers, they don't have to be removed from the crib to change sheets--a real time saver when sheets need to be changed in the middle of the night!

While on the pricey side, these bumpers will last for years, and can even be used when your convertible crib goes to a toddler bed or a day bed for extra safety and comfort.

Wonder Bumpers...for Long-Lasting Protection

Wonder Bumpers Reduce the Risk of SIDS!

Several of my family members have had pre-mature babies prone to SIDS. Some of these babies wore a heart monitor 24 hours a day to alert their parents and care-takers if there was an emergency.

At the time, these Wonder Bumpershad not yet been designed. I know they would have been happy to have them.

Bumper Alternative with Wonder Bumpers

Breathable Safety Bumpers
Wonder Bumpers allow increased air flow in crib.

Go Mama Go Wonder Bumpers in Pink and Chocolate

This 38-pack of bumpers will fit all cribs.

Each rail is covered in a zippered bumper, which protects babies from bumps and bruises from falling against the crib bars as they grow.

The open design allows fresh air to flow into the crib. The bumpers, soft minky on one side and cotton flannel on the other side, are fully reversible. Click the image to learn more.

Can't Afford Wonder Bumpers? DIY Wonder Bumpers You Can Make

Do you think Wonder Bumpers are a good idea?

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