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Charles Pogue Indie Author: The Christmas Flood

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The Christmas Flood by Charles Pogue is a love story set in the central Texas town of Liberty Hill.

When December turns off warmer than usual, severe weather threatens central Texas.

Matt must find a way to overcome his ingrained self-doubt to protect the girl he loves from her violent ex-fiancé, while assisting in saving his small home town from one of the worst floods of the century.

Finding Suzanne walking down the side of the road headed out of town on an early December day, Matt offers her a ride home and changes the course of both their lives.

Will they survive the murderous intentions of Suzanne's ex-fiancé? Will the town be washed away in the Christmas flood?

A romance, some suspense, and a very real danger from an unseasonable flood make this book a good read.

The Christmas Flood is set in Charles' hometown of Liberty Hill, TX, is rated G, and is suitable for all ages.

All of Charles' fiction is rated G
and is suitable for all ages.

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Who is Charles Pogue?

Charles Pogue is an indie author, and has been writing since his early teens. Primarily, Charles writes country songs in the old time country style. He has recorded approximately 150 of his best songs recently, and will soon have them available online. At this point, he has written almost 1,300 songs.

Charles started preaching at Briggs Church of Christ when he was only 14 years old. Most of the time since then, he has been preaching either at a local congregation or for meetings or lectureships.

Charles has been married almost 40 years to Linda Sue, has two children, and six grandchildren.

Much of his writing is non-fiction and is Bible based. Some of it was self-published at home using a comb binder, computer, and printer and is available at In Word or Deed. Charles has just started selling one of his non-fiction paperback books on Amazon, A Study of the False Theological System of Calvinism.

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