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Writing is Creative Dreaming

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In case you are curious to know more about me, I was a non-traditional college student, starting my first college course when my youngest child was engaged to be married.

Since then, I have completed a BS in Computer Information Systems, an MS in Computer Information Systems, and an MS in Education with an emphasis in Instructional Design for Online Learning.

I spent three and a half years as a programmer for a fortune 500 company, then decided to go into the academic arena. One of the goals I had had very early on was to teach. When the head of the Computer Information Systems school at University of Arkansas at Monticello offered me a position as a full-time instructor, I was ecstatic.

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After seven years of teaching and developing college level courses at a university, a community college, and a career college, I was given the chance to go into the publishing industry as a college textbook and textbook supplements author and textbook technical editor.

Since writing has always been my number one dream, even more than teaching, I latched onto the opportunity with both hands, gave up the comfort of a regular paycheck, and jumped head first into the ranks of the self-employed. Do I ever regret this move? Occasionally. For a while, I also worked as an eHow contributor.

Any writer will tell you there is something special about having people you don't know read your words. On this blog, I write about my interests, which include technical topics, cooking, kitchen d├ęcor, LEGO toys (Big, Big Fan, here!), and anything else I can think of.

Sometimes, I have to struggle for the words. Other times, it is as if the words are jumping from my fingers to the keyboard to the screen without me even thinking about them. That is when writing is really fun!

I’ve been married nearly 40 years, have two married children, and six wonderful grandchildren. It is with distinct pride that I can say both my children are writers (one of them published multiple times). My husband is an indie author of several books, as well, and is a prolific songw. I guess you could say writing is a family interest.

Do you like to write? If so, what do you write? Fiction? Non-fiction? Poetry?

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