Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Staying Warm This Winter: Vent Free Wall Heaters

Several years ago, my father-in-law purchased a ProCon vent free propane wall heater for his home. He had central heat, but due to the high cost of running the central heating unit from a propane tank, it had not been used for many years. The wall heater he had installed kept his entire house warm and comfortable. To maintain heat in the back rooms of the house, ceiling fans set on low helped circulate the warm air.

With electronic ignition, the heater starts right up, and the thermostat maintains a comfortable temperature. For those occasions when the electricity went out, the heater was lighted with an old-fashioned kitchen match.

The heater was up off the floor where the smallest grandchildren and greatgrandchildren could not reach it, which was a relief to harried moms. If you are concerned about staying warm this winter, consider investing in a propane or natural gas vent free wall mounted heater.

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  1. My family has used a propane wall heater for years, and it has never given us any problems. I really like that it is up off the floor.