Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Water Helps You Lose Weight and Helps Cure Acne

It rained all day. Farmers and ranchers have all been praying for rain. Livestock and gardens and fields have been bare earth dry. Driving to town this afternoon, the brown grass in the ditches were already beginning to green up. Amazing what a bit of water can do for the flora in an area.

People need water, too, though I think some of us tend to forget that. Sodas, tea, coffee, soft drinks, sports drinks--that's all some people want to drink. For good health, we need to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water each day. If you have trouble drinking water, you might make a deal with yourself that you will drink one glass of water for every glass or cup of something else you drink. It is better than none at all.

Drinking lots of water helps your kidneys work to efficiently remove toxins from your body, helps you get well faster if you are ill, and helps you lose weight. It can even help acne, since water is the cleansing agent used by your body to carry off toxins and other poisons. When you do not drink enough, the only other way toxins have to get out of the body are through the skin, sometimes resulting in acne. While this is not always the cause of acne, drinking water will always help it improve.

Sometimes, however, you need more than drinking water alone can provide. Want your face fresh and clear for your special occasion? Acne No More is a holistic system that will teach you how to permanently cure your acne.

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